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Our Story

We are your go-to partner for elevating Global Event Campaigns. Our team specializes in creating event marketing campaigns that connect with your target audience. With our expertise in event marketing and production, we ensure your message resonates on a broad scale. Offering comprehensive services for live, virtual, and hybrid events, we specialize in development, execution, and oversight. We are proud to have delivered outstanding results for our global brand partners. 

  • We are the inbound agency - the ones who get stuff done.


  • By combining content and experience into one powerful solution, we ensure that your campaign delivers impressive results.


Our team of innovative creatives bridges traditional with new technology, ensuring that each campaign maximizes its potential for success, no matter which industry you come from. From event tech experts, content creators, and thought leaders in the events and marketing industry to those familiar with the healthcare, technology, and gaming industries - we are always one step ahead.

Meet our Team

Sonali Nair


Sonali leads by example with her ethical principles, transparency, and dedication to breaking down barriers in the industry as she crafts impactful event experiences and marketing campaigns.

Prateek Verma


Prioritizing long-lasting relationships over transactional engagements is Prateek's approach to building meaningful connections with clients and customers.

Samantha Lee

Content Lead

Her passion for storytelling and strategic vision has become the driving force behind our content initiatives.


Our Approach

Our approach is simple - Precision meets Strategy.

Events are the only valuable first-party data sources in an increasingly challenging online tracking environment. Time and again, they prove to be the most reliable channel in the precision marketing mix.

Segment simplifies production, so you can focus on customers.

Us in Numbers


in Brand-owned event-sourced pipeline


Industry Awards


Event campaigns executed in 2023 


Each resource's minimum exp in the industry

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