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Experience redefined event marketing & production with a data-driven precision approach.


We believe engagement goes beyond mere participation – it's about creating memorable experiences that resonate. Our approach revolves around designing events that captivate your audience from start to finish. Whether through interactive content, activations, or giving-back campaigns, we ensure that every moment is thoughtfully curated to leave a lasting impression.


To increase the impact of your event, you need more than just visibility. It requires precise strategic planning. Our team uses a data-driven approach to identify the right audience segments, employing advanced marketing strategies to expand the reach of your event. We use targeted digital campaigns and personalized outreach to ensure that your event reaches its full potential, sparking interest and generating buzz long after the event is over.

Blurred tradeshow floor


For us, an event's success lies in its ability to drive meaningful actions. To achieve this, we focus on more than just engagement metrics and instead prioritize conversion - turning attendee interest into tangible outcomes. Whether converting leads, fostering partnerships, or driving sales, our approach involves meticulous analysis of attendee interactions. This data-driven insight allows us to optimize future events, ensuring each becomes a powerful catalyst for achieving your business objectives.

The Story of Segment Agency

Our business is to take your business to the next level.

Sonali Nair, CMP is the driving force behind Segment Agency. With a passion for creating impactful experiences, she's reshaping event marketing by delivering innovative strategies that captivate audiences and drive results. Her team's commitment to Inclusion and Representation fuels Segment's mission to break down barriers and promote inclusive practices.

A Forbes Business Council member, Sonali has earned many accolades over the years for her efforts around Event Inclusivity. Smart Meetings 2023 Hall of Fame inductee, Smart Women in Meetings 2022 in the Rising Star category, and Connect Magazine 2018 Heir's Apparent 40 under 40 Women in Events Industry, Global 500 award winner by Brainz Magazine 2021.


B2B Tech

We transform networking & sales engagement in the B2B tech events by leveraging Innovation Hubs. These curated spaces within our designed conferences facilitate collaboration, allowing tech leaders to showcase prototypes, engage in live demos, and forge partnerships that drive the business forward. 

Flagship custom field events for Sales and pipeline Acceleration and Sponsorship Activations at Industry events like CES, Dreamforce, Oracle OpenWorld, Inbound, RSA, LegalWeek, Gartner, etc.  


We specialize in creating tailored strategies that combine aesthetics and business outcomes for the beauty industry. Our event production team creates seamless experiences that go beyond mere showcases.

Flagship multi-day conferences for leading Beauty Associations: Sustainability Summit, Technical Regulatory Summit, FDA Workshops, etc.

Customer Experience (CX)

Elevate customer experiences with our personalized Experience Mapping approach. We don't just create events; we map touchpoints to foster real connections that extend beyond.

Flagship Customer Experiences or Sponsorship Activations at Industry events like Forrester CX NA, Gartner, Adobe Summit & Adobe Connect, CCW, Enterprise Connect, ICMI, and Microsoft Ignite.

Financial Services

We don't just convey information — we tell engaging stories. Our strategic storytelling combines every aspect of the event, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. Whether at SIBOS or Money20/20, we create an immersive experience that combines information with captivating narratives.

Healthcare - Genomics

Our strategic event marketing solutions can help ignite innovation and drive business growth in the healthcare genomics sector. We understand that the genomics vertical is complex, which is why we have tailored our precision marketing strategy to engage the HCP audience and position the client brands as a leader in this cutting-edge field. Whether hosting research-focused forums or unveiling groundbreaking technologies, we ensure your events showcase the business potential inherent in genomics, driving connections that translate into meaningful business outcomes.


Efficiency is at the core of our utilities industry campaigns. Beyond creating visually appealing experiences, we ensure that every element contributes to your brand's sustainability and business leadership narrative. From virtual expert panel discussions to live interactive showcases of green or stormwater management initiatives, our production & marketing will translate your utility brand's commitment to a greener future into a compelling business story. 


Event Networking


Crafting a roadmap to success, our strategic experts delve deep into market insights, consumer behavior, and industry trends. With precision and foresight, we develop tailored event marketing & production strategies that drive your brand toward its goals, positioning you for maximum impact and sustainable growth.

Virtual Meeting
Virtual Meeting

Turning plans into action, our Event Marketers and Executive Producers breathe life into your Event Marketing strategy. From captivating content creation to seamless campaign implementation across diverse channels, we ensure every detail is carefully executed, amplifying your brand's presence and driving tangible results.




Indulge your Brand in Buyer-centric programs. Connect with the Buying committee with custom Virtual & In-person Events as a demand channel. Segment simplifies production, so you can focus on customers.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. 

What made the team at Segment Agency so easy to work with was their ability to meet us where we were.  

You guys are the best! Thank you for keeping us sane!! 

Industry Marketing Lead-

Financial Services

Fortune 500 Client

Sonali and Nicole at the Segment Agency have supported several virtual events for the our Association, and I have been thoroughly impressed with the capability, service, availability, and attention to detail.  We ran several virtual conferences and town hall sessions on Hopin/Streamyard, a hosting platform that was new to us, but Sonali and her team made the experience seamless.  We had incredible feedback on the event from both attendees and participants, including reviews from some attendees that one of our fall summits was the best virtual conference they had ever attended.  


Beauty Client

Segment Agency marketers & producers are highly knowledgeable, highly professional, and a pleasure to work with. Their content-driven strategy has been integral to our marketing team. The Segment team knows event planning from concept to implementation to follow-ups—a seamless extension to our internal teams and external vendors.

Event Marketer






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